Halloween With Lawrence Welk

The Lawrence Welk Show – “Halloween Party”

George Washington’s Gender Test

Perhaps, not test, exactly, but more of a ‘common core’ math example.  It’s “all about the Washingtons“.

Shaming Chihuahuas – Burger Booties

Hillary Rejects Comparing Bill To Harvey Weinstein

FakeNews CNN Discovers New Racist Triggering Product

This is just one more example of “white privilege’ in action. Here’s proof that white people will exploite an entire race of people just so their lily-white cracker heads don’t have to be subjugated to the sound of their headache remedy rattling around in a bottle.  Thanks CNN for this Breaking FakeNews.

These Liberals suck the life out of life…

The ‘New’ Vitamin C

Forget that ‘old’ runny nose and sniffles Vitamin C, give the ‘new’ help me make in through the day Vitamin C.

**For a limited time you can get your ‘new’ Vitamin C compounded with pumpkin spice.

Scary Story Hour With Mooch and Barry

With a special appearance by Vlad “The Influencer” Putin, the scariest monster of all.

Getting Ready For AGW – Climate Change

Here’s one good tip about how to prepare for AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather). Buy a snow shovel and keep your roof cleaned off.