Shaming Chihuahuas – Burger Booties

You Will Be Made Sorry

I’m gonna leave you a little “surprise” where you least expect it if you make me wear this stoopid Halloween costume.

Memory Slip – ‘Bone Fever’

It’s gotta be here, somewhere….

Fido, here, needs to take a breath and read, “7 Steps To Find Lost Objects After Panic Sets In.”

Imagine this: you’re preparing for a trip and 15 minutes before you leave the house you check for your passport. You search through your luggage: nothing. You check in the normal spot in your bedroom dresser drawer: not there. Beads of sweat appear on your forehead. Your mind races and your body isn’t far behind. You ransack the house and you can’t find the passport. You’re on the verge of hyperventilating, you’re covered in sweat, and you’re shaking with anxiety. What now?!?

Amazon’s Newest Holiday Delivery Scheme

It had to happen.  Amazon’s ‘Drone Delivery’ is going to the dogs.  UPS, Amazon’s prime delivery partner (no pun intended) is excited about the concept too.  Currently in the middle of intense contract negotiations with the Teamsters, UPS Management is convinced that they can secure some tasty concessions by throwing a bone or two to the Delivery Dogs. The Delivery Dogs, we hear, are holding fast for a boost in their “Prime Cuts” ration of at least 15% and an additional paid daily hydrant break.

Awww!! – I Got Monday Handled

The secret is to consider Monday an ‘extension’ of Friday night’s partying.

Puppy Love

You Can Call Me Stilts, But Don’t Call Me Johnson

“You can call me Stilts, or you can call me Wilt, or you can call me Legs or you can call me Pegs, or you can call me WiltStilts, or you can call me PegLegs, or you can call me WS, or you can call me PL …but ya doesn’t hafta call me Johnson.

Just Don’t Call Me Johnson

Deep In Sheep

Rover’s got himself stuck in a Ovis Aries quagmire, for sure.  Could that be called “stuck between a rock and hind place?”  Bada Boom!

Here’s the Bada Boom! in case you didn’t open it. A triple facepalm by the Three Stooges is just too good to waste.