Trump – Weathering the Storm

Even with a Cat 5 ‘Shit Storm‘, the rain (or whatever) eventually stops….





Chicken Run – Donald J. Trump Style

For every meme liberals come up with in an attempt to ‘dog'(or chicken?) President Donald Trump, it somehow goes awry, biting them in their hypocritical butts. First there was the CNN WWF Throwdown, and now we have your White House lawn “Chicken Run” meme. Move over Foghorn Leghorn, the Democrats have arrived.

  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_02 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_02
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_01 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_01
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_03 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_03
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_04 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_04
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_05 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_05
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_06 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_06
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_08 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_08
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_09 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_09
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_10 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_10
  • Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_11 Donald_Trump_Chicken_Run_11

#DTS – Senate August R & R

The “Repeal and Replace” of ObamaCare turned out to be a bridge too far for Senate Republicans to walk while talking the talk. Not mentioning the fact that they only had 7 lousy years to figure it out. So….Let’s go on our August Recess instead.

The Senate spells their August break:  R&R – Recess and Relax. We spell their August break:  R&R – Repudiate and Replace.


New John McCain Statue for Congressional Cloakroom

The perfect statue commemorating John’s 35 years in Government Service. He never met a ‘War’ or a ‘Democrat’ he didn’t like.

White House ‘Survivor’ – It’ll Be Yuuuge!!

RealityTV at it’s best and lowest. I can’t wait for the episode where new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, catches a leaker and stakes the culprit out on the White House South Lawn smeared with honey and….

The ‘Mooch’ Screwed the Pooch – A Meme Departs

Anthony, The Mooch, Scaramucci forgot the First Rule (and the Second, Third, Fourth….) of talking to a reporter.  And what, you ask is the First Rule?  Simply put, it’s repeating 6 times (6x) before beginning any interview, “This is off the record (6x).”

Then you ask, “What’s the Second Rule?”  Easy.  It’s asking, “Are you recording this?”  You notice that the question regarding “recording” comes after repeating six times (6x) that the discussion is “off the record.”  Why in that order?  Simple again.  That keeps the pooch (reporter) from reporting that you asked whether the “interview was being recorded” in such a way that you look guilty because simply asking the question must prove that you have something to hide.  Well, what’s the Third Rule?

You refer back to Rule One and repeat it.  And Rule Four?

You remind the Pooch of Rules One, Two, and Three and tell him that you are recording his understanding of the terms of the interview.  And Rule Five?

Pause your recording…..  Huh?  So you can do Rule Six, Mooch…err, Dummy.  Tell him that you know where he lives, where his Wife works, what kind of yogurt Granny likes, that his Dog has an upcoming appointment with the Vet, that his Wife doesn’t know about his Girlfriend (yet), that you know about his bank accounts (all of them), that you know his Tinder username and password (my, aren’t you the stud), that you know all about his Secretary (not his Girlfriend) and that, well, you get the idea…. Rule Six?

Turn the recorder back on.  Are you ready to rumble?

Goodbye, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci. We hardly learned how to spell your name.  Too bad you didn’t take time to learn the rules.  But then again, maybe not so much.  You did appear to be one high maintenance dude.