Run. Don’t Walk






Meanwhile In Siberia….

While President Donald Trump has been taking incoming on all fronts, Vlad Putin took some vacation days in Siberia to give his tiger, Scaramucci, a work out and to get another manly, bare chested photo.

Vlad Putin and his Siberian tiger, Scaramucci

During the bare chested photo-shoot, Vlad shared some anecdotes with reporters about how he decided to change his tiger’s name from plain vanilla Boris to Scaramucci. He said that after the FSB delivered him the transcript and audio from Anthony Scaramucci’s infamous rant, he knew that the guy was a ‘real’ tiger.  So he changed Boris’ name immediately.  After all, as President of Russia, he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

“Besides,” he added, “I’m sure that with a little more work I can train Scaramucci to do the Fandango.  And wait until I bring that show to the next G-20 Summit.”

Zuckerberg President? 2020?

Maybe not so much, Zuck?  That’s a yuk, Zuck?  No clucking way, Zuck?


Party Like It’s 1939

Lions and tigers and bears, and Parties …Oh, my!

Prince -“1999”

Last Pay Phone Left In Natural Habitat

Here we see the only “Genus Pay Phoneous: MaBellus” left in it’s natural habitat. Once it makes it’s final call, plans are in place to preserve and relocate it to the Smithsonian Museum to round out the museums 21st Century Anachronisms Exhibit.

Keith Richards RIP Update – “Rhinestone Lineman” Edition

Here’s your Keith Richards RIP Update for August 2017:  He still lives, but Glen Campbell, unfortunately, does not.  Glen wore his ‘Lineman’s‘ jacket (the one studded with ‘Rhinestones‘) for years while working his way to ‘Phoenix‘.