Halloween With Lawrence Welk

The Lawrence Welk Show – “Halloween Party”

Harvey Weinstein and Buddies

Harvey’s Oscars

Irony Alert – EV Car Charging Station

Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufacturers are taking a lead from the concept of the Naval Convoy System that the Allies developed in WWI to help defeat the German U-Boat threat. Starting with the 2018 Model Year, each EV sold will come with it’s own ‘Charging Station Tender’ that travels in convoy with the EV.  Now that’s ‘sustainability’ at it’s best.  Or maybe not so much….?

Harvey Weinstein Screwed My Premise

And, obviously, that’s not all he screwed.

Jabba the Harvey and Princess Hillary

Harvey’s Hump Day

Isn’t that right, Ben? Matt?

#PLM – Possum Lives Matter

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

#PossumLivesMatter – “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”