Getting Even With the Recycling Nazis

Katy Perry – No Barriers, No Borders Needed

Except for me, of course.

Lasting Friendships

Berkeley Class of 1967 ‘Summer of Love’ Alumni

“Far out, Dude”

Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit”

Subaru Food

So the car is really a KIA, but you get the point….

New Democratic Rules for an Old Game

Colin Caepernick Signs For 2 Seasonings

Sources say that Colin Capernick, the Free Agent Quarterback, has just put together a multi-seasoning deal with the nation’s Number One franchise.  Terms of the deal have not been fully disclosed, but sources say that at least 2 seasonings, a special sauce, 2 all beef patties and a sesame bun could be involved.  He will be required to wear appropriate head-gear at all times and also take a ‘Spanish is My First Language’ refresher course.

1975 McDonalds Commercial Two All Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce….