Halloween With Lawrence Welk

The Lawrence Welk Show – “Halloween Party”

Boulevard of Broken Memes and Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Memes.

Boulevards of Broken Dreams.

Keith Richards RIP Update – “I Won’t Back Down” Edition

Tom Petty, RIP

Keith still lives, but Tom Petty, unfortunately, does not.  Tom made his ‘Guitar Gently Weep‘ while every ‘American Girl’s‘ knees got a little wobbly. He vowed he ‘Won’t Back Down‘ until he got his ‘Last Dance With Mary Jane‘.  He did and it was his last.  I wish you ‘Hadn’t Done Me Like That‘ so soon, Tom.

Now here’s Keith, Rock’s true ‘Energizer Bunny’ – he just keeps waggin’ (and shaggin’) that tail.

Yoda, The Early Years (02)

It’s obvious that Yoda had still yet to master “The Force” when this High School Yearbook photo was taken.  About his sweater, “Criticize you will my Mother’s knitting, but warm I am, so complain I will not.”

Yet to be a Master, Yoda’s Freshman Yearbook Photo


Butter Wouldn’t Melt In Her Mouth

“Honey. That old guy, John Heywood, was right.  Do you know what I’m sayin’?”

DWW – Driving While Warped

Neighborhood Policing Where ‘All Lives Matter’

Party Like It’s 1939

Lions and tigers and bears, and Parties …Oh, my!

Prince -“1999”