New Chinese Beer Slogan

“I’d Climb a Mountain for a Tsing or a Chang.”  I wonder how that jingle would play in Golden, Colorado?

Happy Father’s Day

Sometimes a father’s special touch is required.  Right boys?

Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Wonder Woman

When you have Cat Woman in your bowl of milk.

A Rainy Day In Chiraq

The folks in Chiraq, err…Chicago, know when (and where) to take cover.

Inquiring minds wonder what style that cover takes.

Photo found here.

Keith Richards RIP Update – ‘Midnight Rider’ Edition

Here’s your Keith Richards RIP Update for May 2017:  He still lives, but Gregg Allman, unfortunately, does not.  But Gregg  was a “Midnight Rider” who said “I’m No Angel“.


Thirty Seconds Over NYC

“Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” – Official Trailer

G.I.’s Battle the Galactic Empire

No wonder they call the WWII generation the “Greatest Generation“.

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