Norks – Kim Jong-un, the ‘Early Years’

Kim Jong-un, the ‘Early Years’


Norks – Kim Jong-un Prepares For 3rd U.S. Battle Group

VOA reports, “3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea“.

The United States is sending a third aircraft carrier strike force to the western Pacific region in an apparent warning to North Korea to deter its ballistic missile and nuclear programs, two sources have told VOA.

The USS Nimitz, one of the world’s largest warships, will join two other supercarriers, the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan, in the western Pacific, the sources told VOA’s Steve Herman.


Kim Dot.Com’s Evil Twin – Kim Nor.Com

Norks – Bad Hair Day

Norks Test Another Missile

President Trump doesn’t know whether to send another Carrier Group or an assortment of ‘Slip n Slides’  and ‘Hydro Stomp Splash Rockets’  to his fat little tyrant dictator nemesis, Kim Jong-un.

Trump Draws – Norks “Really Fake” Missiles