FakeNews CNN – Can’t Stop The Trump Train



FakeNews CNN ‘Censors’ Trump Campaign Ad

If FakeNews CNN won’t run a President Donald Trump Re-Election Campaign Ad ‘trumpeting’ his accomplishments, and jabbing the MSM Press (just a little), we will. ¬†Watch.

Let President Trump Do His Job

FakeNews – Headline Writing for Dummies

Match the Headline to the News Organization.

“Cop Beats Unarmed Black man.”  – CNN

“Cop Watches While Partner Beats Unarmed Black man” – Washington Post

“Cop Cheers Partner While He Beats and Humiliates Unarmed Black man.” – New York Times

“Racist Cop Watches Partner Beat and Humiliate Young Unarmed Black man While His Hands Were Clasped in Prayer. – Politico


FakeNews CNN’s Brian Stelter – “Trump Lika Da Russia…”

Donald J. Trump is living in Brian Stelter’s head.

Some ‘Attitude Antidote’ Before Reading Today’s Drudge Report

Have a little fun while being immunized against this morning’s Drudge Report headlines.

Drudge is shouting again.

FakeNews CNN – Institutionalize Me, I Watched Don Lemon Last Night