Murica – Redneck Water Park

Earline. Don’t get that smoke wet, ya hear?

Murica – Too Sexy For My Chair

Right Said Fred – “I’m Too Sexy”

Murica – Mazda Maserati Makeover

Okie Earthquake Detection Kit

With earthquakes at historic levels, the State of Oklahoma wants you to know when the next “Big One” happens.  You can pick up your free “Earthquake Detection Device” at any State or Local government office.  Some assembly will be required.


Perpetual Motion Breakthrough – Redneck Gyroscopic BBQ Machine

You never see the “man behind the curtain”.


Previous failed attempts to find the key to creating a “perpetual motion” machine.

Duck Commander – Willie Before His Beard

Here we have either Willie Robertson before he grew a beard, or highlights of the coming Zombie Duck Apocalypse. Your choice.

**Duck Dynasty

Murica – Failed Parenting 101

Redneck Cowboy Boot Sandals

Gonna get me some.