Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Disturbed – “The Sounds of Silence”

#SCSA-Saturday Celebrity Sanctimony Award ~ Reebok

It was hard to wait until Saturday to unveil this worthy bit of liberal sanctimony, but here we are and here it is.  This should fall under the “pot calling the kettle black” theory of body-shaming.  Here’s Reebok criticizing President Trump.

Anecdotally, to prove my hypothesis that Reebok deserves this “it’s OK for us to shame your body until it meets our standards” award, by noting the first page of their sports bra catalogue.  I defy you to find one model not deserving of the comment “You’re is such good shape….beautiful.”  Or consider some of their spokesmodels….

Nope. No hypocrisy here, Reebok. None at all…

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Coffee Cup With An Attitude

I’ll take a double-shot of ‘Fuck Off’, and no half-caff venti bullshit. And no ‘effing soy, either.