George Washington’s Gender Test

Perhaps, not test, exactly, but more of a ‘common core’ math example.  It’s “all about the Washingtons“.

FashionWeek – Then and Now

Man Self-Identifies As Goat

You were warned this whole “Trans-whatever”, Self-identifying thing was a slippery slope. Does this now mean that Facebook has 72 Gender Options from which to chose?  Facepalm.

#Whiners – Look In The Mirror…

The answer should be as plain as the nose-ring, the blue crew cut hair, the ghastly horned rim glasses, or the ‘pretty as pink’ lip stuff looking back.



Really, PC People? Elementary school?

Summer Ballbuster – ‘Changing Ryan’s Privates’

Maybe that should have been “Summer Blockbuster”?? Whatever.  If you thought the action was hot in ‘Dunkirk’, wait ’til you see Barry and Chelsea in ‘Changing Ryan’s Privates’.


AGW – ‘Gender Questioning’ Iceberg

Actually, it looks as though that berg may have made a choice.

Lego’s New San Francisco Themed ‘Transitional’ Restroom Design