Summer Ballbuster – ‘Changing Ryan’s Privates’

Maybe that should have been “Summer Blockbuster”?? Whatever.  If you thought the action was hot in ‘Dunkirk’, wait ’til you see Barry and Chelsea in ‘Changing Ryan’s Privates’.


AGW – ‘Gender Questioning’ Iceberg

Actually, it looks as though that berg may have made a choice.

Lego’s New San Francisco Themed ‘Transitional’ Restroom Design

Gender Sensitive Atomic Bombing

After all, what’s more important? That one simply drops an Atomic bomb ushering in the possibility of the end life as we know it on the planet (TEOTWAWKI), or that one is never, ever gender “insensitive“?

WTF – Stable Mates For Ever

This post should have included an “Eye Bleach Alert” warning.  My bad….

The New Democratic Village Idiots On Tour

Let’s Go to the Y-M-C-A!!