Pinapple Harvest


Halloween Weather Ahead

It’s a Starbucks marketing plot…

Kick ‘Spuds Mackenzie’ And His Buddies To The Curb

Are you fed up with Big Sports, Big TV, Big Endorsements, and Big Beer demanding your money, your time and your loyalty and then disrespecting you, your Values, your Flag, your Country, your Service Men and Women, and Your Law Enforcement Officers?  Send them a message.  Tell them they need you a whole lot more than you need them.  Tell them that if they turn their back on our Flag that you’ll turn your back on them.  You could start with that ugly dog, Spuds.  You know.  The one that hawks the Bud Light suds.

Click on Spuds to go to the Anheuser-Busch Contact page


Another Kim Jong-RocketMan Parody

StreetArt – Brush After Every Meal

#SCSA-Saturday Celebrity Sanctimony Award ~ George Clooney

George wins this award for being a big supporter of Refugees until a ‘Migrant Camp‘ set up in his ownliest backyard.  Now he’s known as George “Not In My Back Yard” Clooney.

George “NIMBY” Clooney

Director of National Intelligence – What? Me Worry??

We’ve got this Trump-Russian Collusion thing all figured out. Trust us…

What time is the meeting with Boris and Natasha scheduled??

Trump Body-slams CNN Again

If FakeNews CNN didn’t like Trump WWF Slamming, do you think they’ll like Trump Incredible Hulk Slamming any better?

FakeNews CNN’s President Jeff Zucker showing his opinion of The Incredible Trump body-slamming his network.