Ready For Remedial Butt Sniffing Class

‘Eclipse Day’ Warning Labels

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The Joy of Painting ‘Happy ‘Effing Machine Gunners’

The political rancor and partisan squabbling has even gotten to our ‘Happy Painter”, Bob Ross. He was overheard on the set saying, “Screw the ‘happy little trees’ and screw the ‘happy little accidents’, I’m gonna paint some ‘happy ‘effing machine gunners’ or I’ll end up taking an ‘effing palette knife to somebody’s ‘effing ass. ¬†And I’m as ‘effing serious about that as an ‘effing happy little heart attack!”

Bob Ross Painting Happy Trees… *Ohhhh here they come!*

Jason Voorhees Is Coming For Breakfast


ScienceDiet – Call PETA or Poison Control?

Getting Ready to Pitch ‘Shark Tank’

It’s a guaranteed bidding war between Mark and Lori, unless, of course, Mr. Wonderful tries to flush them out with one of his famous royalty fee deals.