No Haircuts for Pussy’s Here

Village People – “Macho Man”

Some Advice for Lena Dunham

The first bit of advice is lay low while Kathy Griffin is taking all the flack because of her stupid Trump Beheading photo scheme. That should keep you out of the news for months. And the second, first bit of advice is ….

Argh! My eyes!

This calls for a second dose of “Eye Bleach”. Eeewww!

FashionWeek – T-Rex Moma Prowling

Float Like a Butterfly

The ‘stinging like a bee’ part, not so much.

Murica – Preparing for 4th of July Celebrations

One Toke Over the Line

The Laurence Welk Show – “One Toke Over the Line” – Huh???

I’m Too Sexy For My Sunglasses

Right Said Fred – “I’m Too Sexy”