FashionWeek – ‘Fin-Flops’

Certified 100% ‘Dolphin Free’, or they would be called “Flipper-Flops“.

FashionWeek – Who Wore It Better?

Crotching Tiger…

And beware of the ‘Hidden Dragon’

FashionWeek Flops

Pumpkin Spice Boy Toy

Definitely not my ‘cuppa joe‘. Or latte, for that matter.

FashionWeek – Then and Now

What is a ‘Flamboyance’ of Flamingos in the Men’s Room Called?

Hurricane Prep.

Which Clown – Door One? Or Door Two?

The doors revealed….  Wait!  Nobody mentioned Door Three.  Try clicking it.  You know you want to know.

Door Number One

Door Number Two

Door Number Three

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