Li’l Anthony’s Weiner Gets Roasted

In memoriam to Anthony Weiner’s self-destruction and future incarceration, here’s a few of our favorite reminiscences of Anthony and his Li’l Anthony.

Life In The Fast Lane

I’m not much for body art, but this maybe….

I’m Stuck On Lawn Chair…

…and Lawn Chair’s stuck on me.

Crusading Against ‘Manspreading’

Don’t ask what she uses the sword for, boys…


The Case Against Man-buns

Or Mullets.  Or Man-ponytails.  Or good grief!!  ‘Effing Back-hair….

**Sorry for the late ‘Eye Bleach’ Alert

Eye Bleach Alert – Summer Sundress Season Cancelled

Who Knew Mucus Had a Twin

It’s Michael Moore and his twin, Mucus.  Eewww!!