Throne With a View

It’s Friday the 13th – Should We Stay Home Today?

Ask the dinosaurs….

UPS – Now Hiring Fun Loving Drivers

Guaranteed at least 150 Laughs a Day.

Terrible Two’s Personified

Where’s your brother, little girl?

Pumpkin Spice Boy Toy

Definitely not my ‘cuppa joe‘. Or latte, for that matter.

‘Killing Happiness’

After stabbing Happy with scissors, then you squeeze all of the ‘joy globules’ out of him.  And it’s done.

What is a ‘Flamboyance’ of Flamingos in the Men’s Room Called?

Hurricane Prep.

‘Double-Dog Dare’ You To Grab a Window Seat

Who’s got the ‘Depends’? And the ‘Barf Bags’? And the ‘Blind-folds’? And the ‘Ear-plugs’? And the ‘Xanax’? And the ‘Jack Daniels’? And the ‘Effing Parachute? Especially the ‘Effing Parachute.

Taranda Cliff, Himachal Pradesh, India