Some People Just Piss Me Off!!

Who Knew Mucus Had a Twin

It’s Michael Moore and his twin, Mucus.¬† Eewww!!

New-style Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

This is what you call a BPFD – an ‘effing Big Personal Floatation Device.

It could have been called an ‘effing Big Assed Personal Floatation Device (BAPFD) but surveys regarding the effectiveness of acronyms have demonstrated that four or less letters comprising¬†the acronym are most effective.

Father of the Year Award? Or Fishing Trophy?

Comparing Schnozzolas

Trump’s Next Weapon Against ISIS – The “M.O.A.B.B.”

That’s “The Mother Of All Bull Bombs” for inquiring minds.

United Airlines – We’re So Re-Accommodating