A New Look at Salvadore Dali

Yep. He’s still really, really strange.

There’s a Story Behind This House

Or the ‘story‘ could be in front of the house…Check out the fence.


Garden Gnomes – Hollywood Horror Edition

The little landscape grouping is sure to impress your neighbors and your Homeowner’s Association.

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – A Dab ‘O Art

I see a ‘beach scene‘ shot from a aerial drone. The only thing missing is Chris Christie….

Oh! Here’s Chris!!

StreetArt – Done Huge

Visit HugeArt.

StreetArt – Gas Lobsters

A ‘Nested’ Painting?

A ‘Painter watching a Painter watching a Painter paint a painting’ is, perhaps, the modern day equivalent of “Chinese Nesting Dolls“.

StreetArt – Pink Flamingos Make Comeback