As Seen In The Wild

This could be your last chance to see an actual “Telephone Booth” before they go extinct.

Steely Dan – “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”

Camping Wisdom

And don’t forget the bugs, and snakes. Or the ticks. Mosquitos, anyone? No air conditioning. And Poison Ivy is not a song.

May 7 French Runoff Election

From Bloomberg, “France Braces for Runoff Between Nationalism and Globalism“.

The far-right Le Pen and centrist Macron both took just under a quarter of the vote in a contest with 11 candidates. Now they must convince the rest of the population that they have what it takes to lead the country after the May 7 runoff.

The next round will see two radically different visions. Macron embraces globalization and European integration, Le Pen channels the forces of discontent that triggered Brexit and brought Donald Trump to power. The runoff will also be unique in that it will be the first contested by neither of the major parties, giving Macron, 39, and Le Pen, 48, space to try to forge alliances that might have seemed unlikely until recently.

Death’s Little Diner

Take a closer look….

Norks – Kim Doesn’t Measure Up

Trump Gives ‘Red Line’ Lessons

Free Range Firearms Grade School Kiddies

No helmets. No training wheels. No body armor. No ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’.  Firearm longer than kiddie is tall.  No cops.  No metal detectors.  No problems….