Run. Don’t Walk






Dept. of Precrime – Who’s Going Postal?

“Minority Report” – Department of Pre-crime

Congress – All Talk and No Walk

Pick your idiom. But whatever it is, remember you’re starving to death on empty calories.

  • All bark and no bite.
  • All hat and no cattle.
  • All booster, no payload.
  • All crown, no filling.
  • All foam, no beer.
  • All ham, no let. (for you fans of The Bard).
  • All hammer, no nail.
  • All icing, no cake.
  • All lime and salt, no tequila.
  • All mouth and no trousers.
  • All shot, no powder.
  • All sizzle and no steak.
  • All wax and no wick.



Chiraq – Still Plowing From the 4th of July Holiday Storm

July Month To Date stats from

Chris Christie’s BeachGate – No Beach For You This Weekend, Governor

Just in case the Governor is planning another little outing this weekend – a few cautionary memes. ¬†We’re watching you Governor Chris ‘Effing Christie, Beach Hog in Chief.

Director of National Intelligence – What? Me Worry??

We’ve got this Trump-Russian Collusion thing all figured out. Trust us…

What time is the meeting with Boris and Natasha scheduled??