FakeNews CNN – Can’t Stop The Trump Train



Zuckerberg President? 2020?

Maybe not so much, Zuck?  That’s a yuk, Zuck?  No clucking way, Zuck?


Donald Trump Announces His Post-Presidential Plans

Mr. Trump announced that since he’s been such a ‘yuuugely‘ successful President, that after he retires from office, he might consider doing the same for the English Monarchy.  He’s was heard saying, “At least I’d be close to some of my great Golf Properties so I wouldn’t have to stay at that Buckingham Palace dump.”






AGW – Al Gore’s Climate Predictions a “Hot Mess”

Perhaps that should be rephrased, a “Hot, Cold Mess“.

Al Gore had no better luck predicting what the Earth’s temperature would be in 2017 than he did divining the “intent of a hanging chad” in the 2000 Presidential Election.

From the Climate Depot, “Global temperatures COOLER now than when Gore won Nobel Prize in 2007“.

ScienceDiet – What Bessie Forgot to Tell Euell Gibbons

Euell Gibbons – The Original Sticks, Twigs, and Pine Tree Diet Guy

Rocky Horror Lawn Mowing Show

This picture courtesy of Tim Curry’s ‘Time Warp Lawn and Garden Service’. Remember our motto, “We nip and tuck them just for you.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Sweet Tranvestite”