Donald Trump Announces His Post-Presidential Plans

Mr. Trump announced that since he’s been such a ‘yuuugely‘ successful President, that after he retires from office, he might consider doing the same for the English Monarchy.  He’s was heard saying, “At least I’d be close to some of my great Golf Properties so I wouldn’t have to stay at that Buckingham Palace dump.”






FakeNews – Headline Writing for Dummies

Match the Headline to the News Organization.

“Cop Beats Unarmed Black man.”  – CNN

“Cop Watches While Partner Beats Unarmed Black man” – Washington Post

“Cop Cheers Partner While He Beats and Humiliates Unarmed Black man.” – New York Times

“Racist Cop Watches Partner Beat and Humiliate Young Unarmed Black man While His Hands Were Clasped in Prayer. – Politico


ScienceDiet – New Vietnam Aquaculture Product Headed for Store Shelves

I’m not so sure that Fish Assholes will sell even with that fancy “Secret Formula” labeling.


FakeNews CNN’s Brian Stelter – “Trump Lika Da Russia…”

Donald J. Trump is living in Brian Stelter’s head.

FakeNews CNN – Institutionalize Me, I Watched Don Lemon Last Night

Trump-Putin Meeting – The Jokes On Hillary

Anyone that can lip-read Russian knows that Vlad, “The Influencer”, Putin, just told President Donald Trump the punch line for his little joke on #CrookedHillary.