Smith & Wesson Has a New Caliber Revolver

It’s the Smith & Wesson .WH cal. Home Defender.  WH Caliber, you ask?  Try, WRONG HOUSE.

Big ‘Effing Pocket Cannon

Trump – There’s a New Gun In Town

Chiraq – New School Vending Machines

Forget the candy and the snacks and the soda pop. This vending machine dispenses what you really need to make it through the day in Chicago.  Some Easter weekend murder stats from HeyJackass!

For whatever reason, Easter weekend tends to be a shitshow with or without last year’s “Thou Shalt Not Murder” Easter Sunday.

Final Stupidity Tally: 2 killed, 44 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 3 killed, 33 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 6 killed, 31 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 10 killed, 36 wounded

Free Range Firearms Grade School Kiddies

No helmets. No training wheels. No body armor. No ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’.  Firearm longer than kiddie is tall.  No cops.  No metal detectors.  No problems….

Bullet Cam or ‘Flight of the Hornady’

Rimsky-Korsakov – “Flight of the Bumblebee”

Girl With Big ‘Effing Gun