The Detestables

Celebrity Politics – The Jason Voorhees of 2016

Obama Claims His Administration ‘Virtually’ Scandal Free

Trump is at the plate. No more ‘slow pitch softballs’ allowed.

John ‘Effing Kerry’s Last Backstab

“Do you want ketchup with your backstab?

Post Election Celebrity Border Humor

Can anyone please give Rosie O’Donnell a boost?

Relegated to the Knock-Knock Pile of History

You’ve heard of the ‘ash heap of history‘, the reference so favorably remembered in President Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire” speech predicting the end of Communism?  Well, President Obama, instead reigns atop another pile, maybe not so favorably remembered – the “Knock-Knock” pile of History.  Heh.


Ramirez Punches MSM’s Clock – Updated

It’s ‘lights out’ for the credibility and objectivity of the Main Stream Media.  Michael Ramirez not only punches their collective clocks but turns the spotlight on their feckless behavior.


And then the Election was called for Donald Trump. In keeping with the fight theme, watch Rocky D. Balboa get the crap beat out of him and then make the most miraculous comeback ever. (D is for Donald for those folks that didn’t know Rocky had a middle name).