Pelosi’s Goat On Vladimir Putin

Pelosi’s Goat –


Emotional Outlet for Screaming Liberals

Nancy Pelosi channels Edvard Munch.

Nancy Pelosi’s Case of ‘Trump Deraignment Syndrome’

Is This Nancy Pelosi’s Long Lost Sister?

Three Stooges Remix – Maxi, Lizi, and Nani

The Democrats have a plethora of “Stooges”, but for today, ‘Maxi’ Waters, ‘Lizi’ Warren, and ‘Nani’ Pelosi are our favorites.  Chuck, Al and Cory, your turn is coming.

Pelosi and Waters – Let’s Do the ‘Time Warp’ Again

Here’s House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, claiming that (paraphrasing) “Democrats can’t work with President Bush…”.  Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, Donald Trump is President.

And then we have Representative Maxine Waters claiming that Donald Trump’s friendship with Vladimir Putin has given Mr. Putin the ‘green light’ to invade North Korea.  Sure, Maxine.

Maybe we should all just sit back, chill, and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s – “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again”

Nancy Pelosi Fights Back Against Leadership Challenge

Nancy Pelosi’s Early Years

Eye Bleach Alert – NSFW Photos From Pelosi’s Hacked Emails

Warning: Eye Bleach Alert!!


Alleged NSFW photos from Nancy Pelosi’s hacked emails are after the jump. You Do Not want to see Hillary and Nancy like this!!

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