Hillary’s Pig Posse

FakeNews CNN Reports “Four Types of Stocks”

Hillary Hawks Book for Big Bucks

Hillary will do anything to sell a book, except tell the truth.  “You want a “snausage” with that book, Buddy?”

I can’t wait for the QVC “Sham-Wow” show.

Hillary’s Bookshelf

Hillary’s Real Book

FashionWeek – No Escape

Some clothing designs are not meant to see the light of day. This could be one.

Comey Fired – Hillary Sings “At This Point What Difference Does It Make”

I was never much of a fan of hip-hop/rap music until I heard James and Hillary.  Now I’m in danger of becoming a groupie.

Trump-Putin Meeting – The Jokes On Hillary

Anyone that can lip-read Russian knows that Vlad, “The Influencer”, Putin, just told President Donald Trump the punch line for his little joke on #CrookedHillary.