Let’s Review CNN’s Credibility Issues

Hillary Blames Macedonia For Election Loss

From TheDuran, “Hillary Clinton now blames “Macedonia” for election loss, in bizarre onstage interview“.

Earlier today Hillary Clinton offered up what some have described as one of the most delusional interviews of all time at Recode’s CodeCon conference, in which she blamed everything and everyone, including but certainly not limited to: FBI Director Comey, “1,000s of Russian agents”, right-wing media outlets, Russia, sexism, WikiLeaks, Russia, a funding deficit at the DNC, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, the New York Times (yes, the NYT) …oh, and Russia, for her 2016 election loss. And while she certainly “takes responsibility” for every decision she made, Hillary desperately wants you to understand that’s not why she lost…because, you know, Russia.

Na Na Hey Hey – Goodbye AGW Climate Change Treaty

From AP, “Official says Trump expected to pull US from Paris deal“.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is expected to pull the United States from a landmark global climate agreement (**AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather**), a White House official said Wednesday, though there could be “caveats in the language” announcing a withdrawal, leaving open the possibility that his decision isn’t final.

Exiting the deal would be certain to anger allies that spent years negotiating the accord to reduce carbon emissions.

Steam – “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss AGA Goodbye”.  Well, almost…

AGW – T-Rex Snow Removal Service

This ‘snow removal’ crew is ready for the next big Nor’Easter, Polar Vortex, or Mesozoic Era.

General Mills – Overworking Rabbits Since 1958

**Delicious General Mills Cocoa Puffs

AGW – Remember the Donner Party

The Mercury News reports, “Sierra Nevada snowpack is biggest in 22 years — and more snow is on the way“.

After a month of huge blizzards and “atmospheric river” storms, the Sierra Nevada snowpack — source of a third of California’s drinking water — is 177 percent of the historic average, the biggest in more than two decades.

Gov. Jerry, “Moonbeam“, Brown is calling for all travelers in the Sierra Nevada’s, especially around the Donner Pass area, to carry at least 3 months worth of supplies because, “You remember how hungry those Donner Party folks got during the winter of ’46-’47.”

#Snowflakes – Risk Adversity

**Risk Adverse/Risk Adversity – Malapropism