George Washington’s Gender Test

Perhaps, not test, exactly, but more of a ‘common core’ math example.  It’s “all about the Washingtons“.

FashionWeek – Then and Now

#Whiners – Look In The Mirror…

The answer should be as plain as the nose-ring, the blue crew cut hair, the ghastly horned rim glasses, or the ‘pretty as pink’ lip stuff looking back.



Really, PC People? Elementary school?

Penultimate Gender Truism

This little Gender SJW will never have a chance to figure out the ‘ultimate’ gender truism until his own zirself’s zesack recovers from the willie-wack it took from the rubber bullet.  Until then, hir/zir will have to settle for second best.  Did I get that gender pronoun junk right?

Your Guide to making the ‘Simple’ complex.


Norks – Kim Gets a New Look

Meet the ‘Dear Leaders’ new persona – Kim Jong-Kar.  After his big reveal, Kim was heard asking some of his staff, “You don’t think my boobs and butt are too big do you?  And do be careful how you answer, boys.”  Crickets….

Kim Jong-Kardashian


Tired of Political Madness? Keep Calm And Do The Time Warp Again

You feel better now, don’t you kiddies?

Rocky Horror Lawn Mowing Show

This picture courtesy of Tim Curry’s ‘Time Warp Lawn and Garden Service’. Remember our motto, “We nip and tuck them just for you.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Sweet Tranvestite”