AGW – Springtime In Russia

So Trump is pulling out of the Paris (AGW-Climate Change-Global Warming (AKA: Weather) Climate Agreement? I can’t wait for the Liberals of whatever persuasion and the Democrats to blame Vladimir Putin for Trump’s decision to withdraw. Do you think this Russkie Spring weather might be a motivating factor for Vlad “The Influencer” to get a little ‘warming’ going on?

FakeNewsAlert – CNN Finds PROOF!! of Trump Ties to Russia

The “Proof”…

Or maybe not so much “proof”…


Liberal Media Rush to a Possible Trump/Russia Connection

The Trump/Russia Collusion story redefines ‘Black Hole“.

What Does The Inside Of A Black Hole Look Like?

Dems Still Looking For That Russian Connection

Putin Says, “You Want a Transcript, Well I Got One.”

The New York Times headlines this likely story, “Putin Offers to Provide a ‘Record’ of Trump’s Disclosures to Russian Envoys“.

Asserting himself abroad with his customary disruptive panache, President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday jumped into the furor over President Trump’s disclosure of classified information to Russian diplomats, declaring that nothing secret had been revealed and that he could prove it.

Mr. Putin, who has a long record of seizing on foreign crises to make Russia’s voice heard, announced during a news conference in Sochi, Russia …. that he has a “record” of the American president’s meeting at the White House with two senior Russian officials and was ready to give it to Congress — so long as Mr. Trump does not object.

Back to the Future – Congress Investigates Donut Holes

The only difference is that today Congress is investigating the “Russian Election Interference” donut hole.

Trump Draws – Me As A Little Tyke