AntiFa Season Opens

TrigglyPuff IV – The Scream Continues

OMG!!! She saw a Donald Trump sign!!!

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.” Alien – Official Trailer

The Embodiment of Schizophrenia

The Darkside – Some #SJW ‘Wriguldy-Wrags’


No Participation Trophy For This Little Snowflake

As you can see, most baby monkeys get better discipline that the average liberal college student #Snowflake #Whiners.

New Little ‘Antifa’ TrigglyPuff

It’s soooo hard to be a little #Whiner, #Snowflake.

New Starbucks Drink

Naw.  It’s not the Starbucks’s Unicorn Frappuccino that tastes like sour birthday cake mixed with a creamsicle covered in Pixie Stix and a healthy sprinkling of despair.  No.  It’s the Iced White Privilege SOB.  Drink up.