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Daily Darwin – On Their Way to the Testicle Festival

Darwin hilariously reports that this tasty morsel (or genome) from 9News Colorado about a  “CO man accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles” says it all.  As a matter of fact, Darwin thinks it might be way too much information.

Police say a man faces felony assault charges after he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman.

Records say during that interview, Pennington told investigators he agreed to perform the medical procedure at the victim’s apartment in Denver.


Detectives say the surgical kit contained a scalpel, lidocaine, medical dressings, and other medical equipment.

Records state Pennington “used the scalpel and surgically disconnected and removed the victim’s 2 testicles and then sutured the opening back up.”  The victim’s wife was with her during what was described…as a 90-minute-long procedure.

Because “the testicles could not be re-attached due to time delay of a procedure to 911 call” we arrive at the second part of the story. The couple headed off to Montana’s Famous “Testicle Festival”.  Even though the Festival turned out not to be BYO testicles, there were still many festivities to enjoy.

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Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures fascinate.  See The New Yorker’s, “The March of the Strandbeests” for some background.  Otherwise, watch.  You may believe.