Dazed and Confused – Dog Rescuer

It looks like he rescued the extremely endangered “Bearded Horny-goat Dog”.  It also looks as though he’s on his way to audition for the newest Harry Potter sequel, “Harry Potter and the Lost Summer of Love.”

Edward Scissorhand’s Cousin – Jerry Multi-Tool

Edward Scissorhands cousin – Jerry Multi-Tool


Edward Scissorhands – (Trailer 1990)

ScienceDiet – New Vietnam Aquaculture Product Headed for Store Shelves

I’m not so sure that Fish Assholes will sell even with that fancy “Secret Formula” labeling.


‘Crack Shot’ Redefined

I’m curious whether the rifleman was using ‘Ball‘ ammunition?

Make Everything OK Button

Click the button to download yourself a little bit of ‘OK”.

When Mother Says It’s Nap Time…

Especially if it’s Mother Nature telling you. You notice how these ‘Big Rigs’ obey Mom?