DumpNFL – There’s No Football Today. Really. Really??

Actually there is Football on TV today, but you do not have time for it.  Gotta do your Christmas baking, wrap the last of the kid’s presents, cook the turkey tonight (just in case of a power failure), watch Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life“, and make sure….  Well, you get the point.  No time for Football.

It’s Time NOT To Watch Monday Night Football

It’s Monday again. That means it’s time not to watch Monday Night Football. Besides having more Holiday things you need to do it’s gonna be another game where the crappy team (Tampa Bucs 4-9) gets beaten by the mediocre team (Atlanta Falcons 8-5) in a lackluster waste of time.

DumpNFL – No Football Here

Yes, it’s another NFL “Football Free” Sunday. There’s still Christmas shopping to do and you still haven’t seen “Star Wars – The Last Jedi” yet. And you still haven’t gotten your work clothes washed because you fell off the wagon, so to speak, and watched some of the crappy pre-Christmas College Football bowls. The Camellia Bowl? Give me a break.

Hey NFL Kneelers – Watch How The Army-Navy Footballers Do The National Anthem Up Right

DumpNFL – This Is A ‘Football Free’ Week, Isn’t It?

You decided not to watch Thursday Night Football.  Remember?  There you go.  That’s right, you do remember.



Remember To Forget About Thursday Night Football

Dump Thursday Night Football!  It’s just another crappy game between two mediocre teams (Cowboys 5-6, Redskins 5-6) in a season of just plain crappiness by everyone involved in the crappy game.

Dump Monday Night Football

You’ve still got turkey left that you have to try and find a unique, new way to fix as left-overs.  And you still haven’t put up your Christmas lights.  So get cracking.  Turn off the TV.  Besides tonight’s games are a competition of the mediocre.  The Houston Texans are 4-6.  Big Whoop.  And the Baltimore Ravens are 5-5.  Somebody will win and somebody will lose.  One team will be 5-6 and the other 6-5.  Impressive!!!  Not so much…

DumpNFL – Will They Make The Leap On Sunday?

Leaping by kneeling?  That sort of makes sense.  But whatever. You still don’t need to watch the Sunday Games.  Eat some more turkey.  Finish getting you Christmas decorations up.  Play some cards or a board game with your kids.  Just Do It.  Actually don’t do it, the watching football part, that is.