Trump Derangement Syndrome – Ben and Jerry’s Style

So Donald Trump has an extra scoop of ice cream and liberal’s heads explode everywhere? ¬†Imagine, then if you will, a world in which the President orders a “cherry on top” of his extra scoops?¬† Perhaps with extra whipped cream…?

The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”

One couldn’t find a more appropriate group of libs than Mses. Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart and Floria Sigismondi to provided some ‘Trumped’ up outrage.


Daily Darwin – The House That Darwin Built

Darwin reports that any fool with the cajones to make it to the third floor and back to ground zero, err…the ground floor successfully, will be awarded the ‘Golden Nuggets Award’ to memorialize their genomes as the most fortunate on the planet.

Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors