Today’s Bacon – Meatlessly Mental

CBS Philly3 reports what we all knew instinctively, “Research Points To Mental Health Risks Associated With Meatless Diet“.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many Americans have turned to a vegetarian diet for many different reasons. Maybe you just think it will make you generally more Bacon_LowCarb_GlutenFree_Saladhealthy. Perhaps you want to trim a few pounds. Maybe you want to supplement your already healthy lifestyle.

However, will you be happier?

Some research suggests that the exact opposite is the truth and Women’s Health recently looked into some of the research and cautions people to be well aware of how going meatless can impact your mental health.

The article cites an Australian study from last year which found that vegetarians reported that they were less optimistic about their future more often than people who kept meat in their diets. That same study found that vegetarians were 18 percent more likely to report having depression and 28 percent more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety.



Embargo Toyota -updated

Here’s a question? Were those Obama and Hillary bumper stickers applied to the Toyota “War Chariot” SUV’s before, or after, they were acquired by ISIS? Could the Pickups not only be war machines, but also “little Short Buses” to take voters to Polling Places?

Or maybe it’s the start of a new campaign “strategery” for Madam Secretary, “Heads off for Hillary.”



Embargo Toyota