Ohio Trooper’s Timely Heimlich Maneuver Saves Pothead From A Darwinian Intervention

Ever and anon, kiddies.  Ever and anon.

Ohio trooper saves man by giving him the Heimlich maneuver after he swallowed a bag of marijuana.

Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors.



A Member Of Darwin’s Intrepid ‘Bicycle Dismounting Brigade’ Demonstrates Newton’s First Law

Ouch!! In Science as in Life… No Pain, No Gain.

“The Law of inertia, also called Newton’s first law, postulate in physics that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.”

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