Pooch’s First Snow

As soon as he has to start shoveling he’ll figure out snow is just not what it’s cracked up to be.

Awww!! His Name is Ghillie

My name is Dog. Ghillie Dog.

Awww!! Got Treats, Ralph? I Really Need Treats…

h/t – DailyTimewaster

Awww!! That’s MY Human

My patience is limited. Wait for it. Wait for it….

Signs Your Dog Is Doing the ‘Nasty’ Behind Your Back

Shaming Chihuahuas – Burger Booties

You Will Be Made Sorry

I’m gonna leave you a little “surprise” where you least expect it if you make me wear this stoopid Halloween costume.

Memory Slip – ‘Bone Fever’

It’s gotta be here, somewhere….

Fido, here, needs to take a breath and read, “7 Steps To Find Lost Objects After Panic Sets In.”

Imagine this: you’re preparing for a trip and 15 minutes before you leave the house you check for your passport. You search through your luggage: nothing. You check in the normal spot in your bedroom dresser drawer: not there. Beads of sweat appear on your forehead. Your mind races and your body isn’t far behind. You ransack the house and you can’t find the passport. You’re on the verge of hyperventilating, you’re covered in sweat, and you’re shaking with anxiety. What now?!?