DumpNFL – No Thanksgiving Football

We need our turkeys on the table, not kneeling on the field.

DumpNFL – Deport Marshawn Lynch to Mexico

From the New York Post, “Marshawn Lynch only stands for Mexican national anthem“.  We have a solution to Marshawn’s grievances – Move to the South side of Trump’s Wall.

Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during most of U.S. anthem and stood for the Mexican anthem before their game against the Patriots at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Lynch has not stood for the national anthem since returning from retirement this season.

NFL Not As ‘Cool’ As Woodstock

And NFL Players aren’t nearly as ‘cool‘ as Jimi Hendricks.

Jim Hendrix – “National Anthem Live at Woodstock 1969)

Remember, you don’t need no stinkin’ football – rent “Woodstock” and get your groove back.

Colin Kaepernick? One Reason Why You’re Not Watching Football


Forget About Thursday Night Football

It’s only the Tennessee Titans vs. the Pittsburg Steelers.  Somebody will win, somebody will lose.  What difference does it make.  Now if you want to see a real slaughter watch Senator Al Franken vs. Judge Roy Moore in a true battle of the creepy sexual predators.  The ‘Head’ Referee will be none other than Sylvester “Rocky Balboa” Stallone.

DumpNFL.com – I Forgot There Was a Monday Night Football Game

I hope you did too.  Dump Monday Night Football.

DumpNFL – Ratings In The Toilet

You’re Not Watching Football Are You??

It’s never too late to change the station. Do it. Do it now.