Got a Job?

Need Healthcare?  You might want to check your math.



Deport This, Homie

Illegal_Immigrant_Deport_This_Finger_KidAfter you “Deport This” crowd below, how about deporting your own illegal, ungrateful ass back to wherever you came.


Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

When a man gets between another man and his chicken, there will be blood.  Also murder and mayhem. No “Green Card” required.  The USA Today reports, “Man killed for grabbing last piece of chicken, cops say“.

HOUSTON — One man is dead and another is accused of fatally stabbing him — all over a piece of chicken.

Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera, 38, of Houston was charged late last week with murder in connection with the Friday death of Darwin Perez Gonzalez, 34, of Houston.

Chicken_BoxingFive men had been making dinner and drinking in an apartment in western Houston. But police said Rivera became angry when Gonzalez took the last piece of chicken.

An argument escalated into a fist fight that was taken out into the parking lot of the complex. Rivera then stabbed Gonzalez and fled the scene with the knife, police said.

Rivera later returned to the scene and admitted to police that he had stabbed Gonzalez. Rivera, whose case file says he is not a U.S. citizen, was arrested, charged and is being held in Harris County jail on $200,000 bond.


Birds of a Feather?




Wedgied Into a Corner

Looks like that “line” Obama drew in the sand

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Love Letter

Not sure here whether Mo is writing a love letter to his camel,

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