TrigglyPuff II – Attack of the Russkies

In case you don’t know what TrigglyPuff II is talking about, it’s regarding that time last November when Vlad Putin dropped Russian paratroopers into polling locations throughout the ‘Rust Belt’ in order to stuff the ballot boxes with Donald Trump votes. Hmmm?  Didn’t they make a movie about that once?  Or twice?

Let me remind you of the original, and unforgettable, TrigglyPuff.

Breitbart – Now Called ‘Cereal Killer’

From Breitbart about Breitbart, but cogent, real news none the less.

The Wall Street Journal concludes that Kellogg’s politically-driven decision to pick a food fight with Breitbart has bruised its brand.

“There’s a cereal killer on the loose,” the Journal reports, referring to Breitbart News’ #DumpKelloggs petition, which has reached north of 400,000 signatures since it launched last month.

“One way to assess the damage to companies’ bottom lines is their stock prices since Mr. Trump’s surprise victory,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Kellogg shares have underperformed peers General Mills and Post Holdings by 4.4 and 11.5 points, respectively.”

It’s never to late to sign the petition to #DumpKelloggs. Click the pic to go to boycott petition.

Investing In America

Here’s another good reason to invest in Donald Trump’s America.  Why?  Because John Deere has just expanded it’s product line to include its new SJW Removal tools.  Even the smallest community will need at least one.  Deere claims the new equipment has proven cost effective and, they note, it never needs hay.

Forget the Chalk – Gimme the Doh

Trump Play-Doh Safe Space Deraignment Syndrome (TPDSSDS) has be born.  See.  Donald Trump is creating even more new jobs before Inauguration Day.  To solve the TPDSSDS crisis, you gotta have Therapists, and ‘binky’ washers,  and safety pin distribution experts,  interventionists, and coddlers, and grievances communicators–But wait, there’s even more.  You have to Expert Media Consultants to be talking heads on cable….


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