Justin Trudeau, Fakir

We’re looking forward to more great headlines and kooky liberal pandering from Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Bollywood” Trudeau. Does he look great or what?  That little hand-thing he’s got going on is simply precious.

The DailyMail reports, “Justin Trudeau is ridiculed by Indians for his ‘fake, tacky and annoying’ wardrobe of traditional outfits – and finally dons a suit after criticism“.

Justin Trudeau has been ridiculed on social media by Indians for his ‘tacky’ and over the top outfit choices while on his first visit to their nation as Prime Minister.

Ministers, authors, journalists and ordinary Indians lined up to mock him on Wednesday, saying his wardrobe was ‘fake and annoying’.


Justin Trudeau – “One Giant Leap For Peoplekind”

Paraphrasing Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good meme go to waste“, we, again, have to recognize the contribution Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made to Memedom with his classic “peoplekind” comment.  Keep up the good work, Justin.  Eh?


Meanwhile in Canada – Which One’s Your Prime Minister? Eh?

Those Canadians, they’re some “kind of people“….

Gerald Butts, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “butt-buddy” and top adviser, doesn’t like criticism very much.