Someone Call The Fashion Police

DIAL – 1-9-7-0

The Village People – “Macho Man”


Atomic Clock??

You know those lead aprons that the Dentist uses….?

Vaseline and Uranium Glass (ca. 1930s)

Uranium was first used to color glass in the 1830s and it has continued to be used for this purpose with the exception of a fifteen year (or so) period beginning in World War II.  Prior to World War II, natural uranium was used, but when Vaseline glass production resumed in 1959, the switch was made to depleted uranium (DU). All of the items shown here contain natural uranium except the tube on the right which contains depleted uranium. At present (2004), a few companies in the U.S. are still making Vaseline glass (e.g., Boyd Crystal Art Glass, Mosser, Summit Glass and Fenton Glass), but it is exclusively of the decorative variety. No dinnerware is being made.


‘Manspreading’ Taken To Whole ‘Nuther’ Level

She’s either really proud of her new Converse Chuck Taylor’s or she doesn’t want company…

From the NY DailyNews, “Can we talk about womanspreading?

As someone who has never been accused of manspreading — the act of sitting down with one’s legs parted to each side, consuming available space — I have nonetheless witnessed diatribe upon diatribe about how evil men are for engaging in this practice.

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Adam Schiff Has Gone Bat Shit, Bug Eyed, Lunatic Crazy

Trump Derangement Syndrome has struck Adam “Captain Ahab” Schiff hard .  Mr. Schiff, like Captain Queeg on the witness stand wrapped in all his paranoiac grandeur,  said President Trump  “could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election…”  GTFOH!! Adam.  When Trump supporters start chanting “Lock ’em up!!” they may not be chanting about Hillary any more.


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