Bernie Bucks

Bernie’s Money Race Motto, “Catch Me If You Can!”

yahoo!news – “It seems to be more common that they’ll give it to other political party committees to be used in their self interest in some ways,” she says.

What a candidate can’t do, the law makes clear, is use campaign funds for personal use.

But it does happen.

Ravel says she knows of “many cases” during her time at the FEC where candidates would use campaign funds for personal use, often trying to make it appear that they were doing campaign activities.

Campaign finance law expert and Stetson University Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy says candidates can be “sorely tempted, and put it in their own pockets, or buy things they think will be fun for themselves and their family.”

She points to Duncan Hunter, the congressman from California who is pleading guilty to campaign finance fraud. In one instance, Hunter allegedly used campaign funds to purchase plane tickets for his family rabbit Eggburt.

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