NYTimes: Slouching Toward Hillary

NYTimes_LogoJust when I was being to think that the NYTimes was edging toward some sort of reportorial balance and worth reading rather than being mere fishwrap or expensive compost filler, a hit piece like “Rubios on the Road…” pops up.

If that article is any indication of the type of election coverage one can expect from the NYTimes, I certainlyRubio_NYT hope your lawyers have told you to declare the value of the column inches as a campaign contribution to Ms. Clinton.  This is especially cogent advice considering the assertion by the Washington Free Beacon that a “Democratic Oppo Firm’s Fingerprints on NYT Rubio Hit.”
It might also help Ms. Clinton avoid some of those pesky accusations of improperly funding her campaign.
And by the way, when was the last time the Times was against someone facing the “Justice System” seeking protection of legal counsel?  My goodness, attempting to smear Mr. Rubio by association simply because his lawyer appears to be a schlub?

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