If Only Donald Trump Grew Peanuts

Not that we would want President Donald Trump to be anything like the president that peanut grower,  Jimmy Carter was, but President Trump sure could use the same level of support for his attempts to protect the United States from Radical Islamic Terrorism that President Jimmy got.

From Aljazeera (I know, but I don’t make the news), “this is not the first time that the US has banned immigrants from its shores. Over the past 200 years, successive American presidents have placed restrictions on the immigration of certain groups.”

Here are six occasions when laws have been passed to restrict some people from entering the country.

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California Threatens Secession

This army has as much chance of defending California’s “sovereign” borders as the following one does in correctly spelling ‘Secede‘.


General Mills – Overworking Rabbits Since 1958

**Delicious General Mills Cocoa Puffs


I Thought McCain and Graham Were Asshats – Apparently Not


Palestinian Barber ‘Blows Up’ His Customers

Actually, he “Torches” his customers and they pay him to do it.

One more post about hair today and a new category will be born, “Bad Hair Saturday”.

**via Gateway Pundit

Wile E. Coyote after a trip to the barber.

Wile E. After a trip to Ramadan’s Barbary

Another ‘Bad Hair’ Day

In keeping with today’s ‘Bad Hair Day‘ theme….