Wagging the Big Dog

One more “basket of deplorables” miscue, coughing fit, health scare,or “Bimbo Eruption” and Hillary going to do a “wag the dog” on Big Dog Bill.



MSM Journalism 101 Class

Students. Pursue your craft diligently and you may be able to travel in the back of Hillary’s new plane. And get chocolates, too.



Murica – Redneck Walker



Another Suspicious Death Linked to Hillary – Updated

Cookie Monster was only trying to explain the letter “C” to Hillary.


Cookies last known ‘live’ appearance at Hillary’s Chappaqua home and private server location.




#BasketcasesForTrump  —  If you’re one of Hillary’s so-called Basketcases or Deplorables, why don’t you just donate to Donald Trump.  Pissed off??  Write a check.  The link goes to Mr. Trumps Official Website.


Frog, Squirrel, or Armadillo – Still Good Advice