Gives Hound Dogs a Bad Name

Even Buddy blanches at Bill’s little peccadilloes…. The depths of which are yet to be plumbed.


***Yeah, we know Buddy has passed, but you can be sure that he’s shaking his little doggy head in disgust from wherever he might be.



Sage Political Advice

Hey.  When you’re the “front-runner” and “heir-apparent”, advice comes in all flavors.



Works on Butts, Too



Daily Darwin – Human Gunrack

Do Not whatever you do, say “pull.”



Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others. Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors




Today’s Bacon – It’s Never Too Late

You may think Valentine’s Day was months ago, but try this bouquet on your sweetie….

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Hillary Schlepps Bags

From the DailyMail, “Hillary ditches Scooby van and flies to New Jersey after wrapping up three-day Iowa campaign tour – toting her own luggage!”

On Thursday a Vox reporter photographed Hillary at Omaha’s Eppley Field airport, holding on to her own rollaboard luggage and talking with a member of the public.

But while she boarded the plane like everyone else, she didn’t disembark that way: Afellow passenger tweeted a photo of the Town Car sedan – and police escort – that awaited her in Newark on the airport tarmac.

Elizabeth Warren asked for a comment on Hillary’s foray into coach seats and roll-around luggage, replied, “If Hillary carried her own bags, then I’m an Indian.”