Erik Wemple Accuses Sean Hannity Of Being A Partisan ‘Opinion’ Leader

The Washington Post’s, so-called Media Critic, Erik Wemple, accuses FoxNews’ Sean Hannity, of being corruptly biased in his column, “Sean Hannity comes face to face with his own corruption.”  Mr. Wimpie wrote,

Sean Hannity is a study in certainty. The mainstream media is corrupt. President Trump is a patriot and a fabulous president who has followed through on his campaign promises, despite a deep state dead set on his undoing. Democrats are awful. Absolutism, meet your designated television-news emissary.

The truth is that Erik Wimpie hates anyone on FoxNews, especially since the time he was totally ‘owned’ during his appearance with FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson. Despite repeated offers to have a showdown with Carlson, mano-a-mano, Wimpie prefers to snipe at the FoxNews talent from afar.

Wimpie continues.

A touch of hesitancy, though, crept into the unequivocal voice of Hannity on his Fox News program Wednesday night. It happened during an “interview” — actually the verbal equivalent of native advertising — with Trump, who’s fresh off the news that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III didn’t establish conspiracy between his presidential campaign and Russia. The two discussed the usual issues, including the media, supportive Fox News hosts, Trump’s greatness and so on.

My thoughts for Mr. Wimpie.  As you know, Hannity is an unabashed opinion guy and makes no pretense to be unbiased.  So whatever ‘news’ he delivers is filtered through his bias and driven by his opinion.  Anyone who watches his show understands and accepts that premise, elsewise they would be free to change the channel.  Speaking of biased, opinion guys and full disclosure, just where do you fall, anyway?  Inspecting the “fossil record” we might find the answer.  Just last December you wrote,

” Still, MSNBC has something to crow about. Its news programming is sharp, energetic and relentless. Its anchors are prepared. Its correspondents are on the scene.”  Whoa, boy.  You missed the part about biased and opinionated.  To me, it sounds like you have a love affair, writ large, going on with the folks at MSNBC.  Perhaps, almost as deep as Hannity’s with Trump.

Full disclosure.  I added the bolds because I could.

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