Vincente Fox – Statesman at Large

Read Politico’s article, “Vicente Fox: Trump turning U.S. back to days of ‘gringo feo’“, and you would think the Mexican-American War had begun anew.

vincente_fox_pinata“Absolutely, yes. And we suffered from that all along the 20th century,” Fox said, mentioning the likes of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, as well as the Perons and the Kirchners of Argentina. “And I’m surprised this nation is going back to the old days of the gringo feo, of the ugly American but also going back to populism.”

But consider.  This so-called “Statesman”, Vincente Fox, calls a US Presidential candidate ‘brainless’, then smashes that candidate’s pinata effigy, and Politico has the chutzpah to quote him about his opinions of “Ugly Americans”?? Now if the shoe was on the other foot and the “Ugly American” candidate was Hillary Clinton, perhaps the story would have been different.


Oh, wait a minute. Hillary left that shoe in a ditch back at the World Trade Center Memorial Service. My bad self.

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