A Word About ‘Da Nang’ Richard Blumenthal’s Kavanaugh Vote

As reported by The Daily Caller, President Trump had this to say about ‘Da Nang’ Richard’s vote against Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“Look at Blumenthal. Lied about Vietnam for 15 years, and he said he was a war hero,” Trump said. “He said he was Da Nang Richard.”

The president continued, “He says we need honesty and we need integrity. This guy lied. When he was the attorney general of Connecticut, he lied. I do not mean a little bit.”

Trump appeared to have referenced Blumenthal’s question to Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a hearing on decades-old sexual allegations against the Supreme Court nominee. “The core of why we are here today really is credibility,” the Senator said in his opening remarks.

“Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a Latin phrase meaning “false in one thing, false in everything.” At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.”

Kathy Griffin. You Can Call Me Jeff, Or You Can Call Me J….

Kathy Griffin.  My name is Jeffry Lane Flake.  Now you can call me Jeffry, or you can call me Jeff, or you can call me J, or you can call me JL.  You can even call me Jeffey, or Laney, or  Flakey.  Even Jeff L, or J Lane, or even JLF.  But you doesn’t ‘hasta’ call me “Feckless Cunt”.

**Ray J. Johnson

A Note To Sen. Jeff Flake Regarding Final Kavanaugh Vote

Jeff.  You should be afraid…, very, very afraid of your new friends.  Not saying you lack testicular fortitude now, Senator, but if you don’t vote YES for Brett Kavanaugh, you’re guaranteed to catch a bad case of “Low T“.  So will you vote to keep your hair (among other things), or vote to look like Senator Chris Coons?

Meet the Democrats Who Are Protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Yep. These are San  Francisco Democrat and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi’s, self-same constituents. The one’s that she’s whipping up (heh) to protest Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  This year, they’re stessing consent….hmmm?  Does that mean that it was a PROBLEM before this year?  Prolly so.  Will it be a problem next year?  Prolly so, ditto.

From the SFGate, “Folsom Street Fair stresses consent amid leather and BDSM“.

“Gear doesn’t mean consent. What you’re wearing doesn’t mean consent. An enthusiastic ‘yes’ means consent,” said Edwin Morales, president of the Folsom Street Events board.

The message was distilled into a social media campaign and onto signage around Sunday’s 13-block fair, which featured bondage exhibits, people pulling their collared partners on leashes, and lots of bodies clad in leather — or nothing at all.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to think that someone who would consent to being abased in this way, probably is not competent to actually give consent.  Here’s Nancy’s San Francisco rogues gallery.  Now go out and fight Judge Kavanaugh!!!  But first, untie yourself.

Dr. Wayne Left Her World To Testify Against Brett Kavanaugh

I’m a little stuck here on whether to use a Dr. Emmett Brown’s “Back to the Future” clip here, or Dr. (heh) Riff Raff’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Time Warp. So you get both. Lucky people. Dr. (heh, again) Garth’s “Foxy Lady” from “Wayne’s World” would have been too obvious a tie-in choice.

“Back to the Future” – Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLaurean

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – Riff Raff’s “Time Warp”

Thanks Anon in MT

Marvelous Chris Evans – Another Self-unaware Feckless….

Chris Evans got quite a kick out of Matt Damon’s SNL Kavanaugh skit. Too bad Chris failed to remind Matt that he lives in a glass house on Weinstein Avenue, a place “you can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!”


Matt Damon – Harvey Weinstein’s Feckless Cunt

Matt Damon’s Saturday Night Live ‘cold open’ skit belittling Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony surely mean Damon will receive this years “Feckless Cunt Award” for  being the most hypocritical, self-unaware, Hollywood liberal low-life.  Here’s a reminder, Matt, of who help you earn this prestigious award – Harvey Weinstein.