Disrespecting the Oval Office

Democrats and the Liberal MSM have been fixated on Kellyanne’s “Couch-gate” in the Oval Office.  Do they really want to toot that horn?  Let’s take a trip on the memory train to Bill Clinton’s White House and “Cigar-gate” or was it “BJ-gate”?

Oh, Kelleyanne – You Seem So At Home

Liberals, Democrats and Pundits raged about Kelleyanne’s now infamous ‘couch pic’.  Oh the horror of her feet on the furniture in the Oval Office.  Couchgate, they shout!! Here’s Kelleyanne!

What! Did she take her pose on the couch so that she could catch the pose of the President’s White House visitors?  Hmmm.

But wait. We find the previous occupant of the Oval really had a thing for feet on furniture. Would it be racist or sexist to point out no one in the Media or Democratic Party called him out for disrespecting the Oval Office? Here’s Barack in his most ‘footsome’ posing.

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