What? Lindsey Graham Forgot He Voted for the #SchumerShutdown

Senator Lindsey Graham – The Early Years

Senator. You were the shining bi-partisan example Chuck Schumer used to justify his #SchumerShutdown. Didn’t waste any time starting your rehab did you? We will never forget the Reagan Amnesty cluster-fuck. And you shouldn’t either.

Senator Tom Cotton Holds The Line On DACA Deal

Thanks Senator, Cotton. It’s too bad Senators Gramnesty, Snake, and Pot Grower decided to throw in the towel and be “Little Dicky” Durbin’s boy toys.

Senators Gramnesty and McCain relaxing in the Senate Cloakroom

Lindsey.  Why don’t you put on your big boy pants (those legs are really hideous) and help Senator Cotton get a ‘real deal’ for America.